• Don't know about taboo.No,it is not a family game. But incest is when sibilings have sex.
  • Woo-hoo -23. C`mon you can do better than that you self righteous baboon fondlers.
  • If That's Your Pic On Your Profile I'd Taboo With You Your Hot There Stud
  • Its a sex crime against children and anyone who does it should be confined so they can't perpetrate this crime on anyone else. Children don't know enough to say no when they don't want you to touch them. Its not a game its a sickness if you can't keep your hands and lusts off your own children.
    • Linda Joy
      Or is that the only way you can get it up is to force yourself on some little child whose too weak to fight back?
    • Linda Joy
      or is this more what you were looking for "You limp dick sorry son of a dog! I'm sure no woman would ever admit to birthing such a wretched puke as yourself"?
    • Linda Joy
      I'll think of some more, if that's the game you're looking for.
    • Linda Joy
      or would you like for me to go with Bible quotations saying you'd be better off sunk in the depths of the sea than to offend one of His little ones? You're not getting away with anything. Mark my words.

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