• "The catcher gets a putout if the strikeout ends with the catcher catching the ball on the fly, or the batter being automatically out on a dropped third strike when a runner is on first base with less than two out. The pitcher does NOT get an assist. If the runner is allowed to try for first base, the assists/putouts will be credited depending on how the batter or any other runner is put out. If it's a catcher's tag, score a putout for the catcher. If the catcher throws to first, score it 2-3 (catcher assist, 1B putout). I'll get the Official Baseball Rules citation in a minute. It's in Rule 10. EDIT: Catcher's putout for a strikeout is in 10.09b. Specification that there is no assist to the pitcher is in 10.10b(1). Keep in mind, whenever there is an out, for any reason, a putout must be recorded. There is no out in which a putout does not get credited. Usually, it's whoever holds the ball when the out is recorded. On most strikeouts, that's the catcher. Source(s): Official Baseball Rules (accept NO substitute!): Lots and lots of scoring in my day..."

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