• As of right now, I am not liking my parents as much as I should.
  • I am not sure if I am disliking my mother more, or if I am just seeing more that she does not have all the answers. Or that I disagree with her answers, but the love is still there. I think maybe a small loss of respect. Very complex. My father is scum, he does not matter.
  • as i grow up i have found that i am a good friend with my mother. i strongly dislike my father because he is a doushe.
  • I always liked my parents when I was young but I sometimes struggled to understand their educational steps on me. The older I got, and when I was a parent myself, I understood. And I grew to love them with all my heart and soul.
  • as i'm growing older.. i'm: dislking my biological and stepfather even more.. and.. loving my mother even more..
  • well since there both dead...... :(... I loved my Mom with my whole heart! She was my bestest friend.. My Dad I love him because he was my father... but no respect,
  • I always liked my Father but my Mother and I never got along growing up but now we get along great!
  • Well, I have always loved and liked them (apart from a spell of depression which made me feel like I hated them). In terms of liking/disliking there is no change - I think appreciating and respecting them more sums it up best for me.
  • i love my parents the same as i did when i was a child, the only thing that is different is now i know that they were pretty much right in everything they told me and a lot smarter than i gave them credit for
  • Both. As I become older, I become more aware of their faults and parenting mistakes that adversely affected me. On the other hand, I'm becoming more appreciative of their good qualities and all the good they've done for me. I'm also becoming more understanding of the things that caused their faults and parenting mistakes, and am realizing that they've overcome much adversity to be as good parents as they are. I certainly had it better than they did.
  • I better like them I am turning into them.
  • We keep getting closer, as I get older.=)
  • niether, but as i get older i realize they must not have liked me very much, as sad as that sounds
  • I got along better with my father in the year before he died. I didn't know it was the last year of his life since he died suddenly. I finally began to appreciate what struggles he endured in raising our family. I always liked my mother, so nothing changed with my attitude towards her.
  • hard to tell. i love them just as much as ever- hard as it is to believe ;)
  • Missing them more and more as I grow older ... and they don't.
  • Two people that never should have had children. Amongst many.
  • A little bit of both. I really dislike the way my mom treats my dad and I dislike that he puts up with it. But I like them as individuals very much; they're good people, and good parents.
  • A bit of both! I like the way there are giving me more independence but i dont like the way they always expect me to be the best at everything i do.
  • As i get older i find it more difficult to get on with them and sometimes i say things that i don't mean but i always say sorry afterwards! They still treat me like im six (FYI: im 14 atm) and that is frustrating as i need freedom to do my own thing. But i still love them the same!
  • I'm not that old, actually (hehe) - but as I progress more and more into my teen years, I love my parents and family in general, more. However, an increasing sense of maturity makes deeper conflicts more visible - it's not as 'picture perfect' as I would have imagined.

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