• Here are some good links that explain it the best:
  • We like to say "Yo" a lot lol.
  • I travelled to Pittsburgh over Thanksgiving and was very taken by the way many pronouce brown and down (brown sounded more like braun and down more like dawn) I very much enjoyed my time there and will return! I found that after being there for a week I had brought back a little accent with me.
  • my boyfriend's from PA - and when i visited his friends and family in Phili and surrounding areas (in the suburbs) their accents reminded me of a mixture between an irish accent and maybe a boston accent. like instead of the name "erica" they'd pronounce it "Urica."
  • I live in pgh Pa but I have liv in the NEW England area and Virginia .a PA's accent is different. kid a like; Wash is more like woosh house is more like huss Did you eat ? is more like di-ga-eet ? (of coures in Eew Englang a house is more of like hourse a car is more of caur.. pittsburgh has chipped ham, pirogies , hoagies, and pop. other places have thin / chopped ham, never heard of pirogies, submarine sandwich, or a grinder and soda. pretty neat varriences, ( rubber band or gum band?)
  • What I remember from my time in the Philly area was that the dialect uses very shortened vowel sounds. In particular, water was pronounced wudder. Radiator was pronounced with a short vowel (rather than RAY-dee-ay-tor).
  • 12-03-2016 Here are several fascinating links on the subject:

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