• In 5.5 billion years from now, when the sun explodes.
  • Be 100% sure that nobody knows.
  • About 4 Billon years time when the nuclear fusion of the sun ends.
  • In about 5 billion years when the Earth is engulfed inside the expanding Sun.
  • Very long time after I am gone. I think the development of the world you cannot count in millions of years.
  • Right now. No right now.Ok right now.any minute now ..etc
  • it will end when the fat lady loses what...then sings
  • According to , it will end in over 7 billion years from now. "In a few billion years, the Sun will fuse the last of its hydrogen into helium, turn into a red giant and expand to 250 times its current size. At first, the Sun's loss of mass will loosen its gravitational pull on Earth, which will allow the planet to migrate to a wider orbit about 7.6 billion years from now. This process has led some to speculate that the Earth might escape destruction - but survival now seems impossible, says Peter Schröder of the University of Guanajuato in Mexico and Robert Smith of the University of Sussex in the UK. They created the most detailed model to date of the Sun's transition to a red giant, based on observations of six nearby red giant stars. Sure enough, they found that Earth's orbit will widen at first. But Earth will also induce a 'tidal bulge' on the Sun's surface, with its own gravitational pull. The bulge will lag just behind the Earth in its orbit, slowing it down enough to drag it to a fiery demise."
  • Oneday..:)
  • When there's a cataclysmic collision, or a significant solar transition. When humans will cease to exist is anyone's guess, as there could be any number of causes, foreseen and not.
  • I'm going with over 7 billion years from now based on what I've read from accredited astronomers. I however think the human race will never end since in 7 billion years I bet we would of inhabited a younger earthlike planet.
  • On a Friday, to ruin our weekend plans.
  • When the prophecies have been fullfilled...and that means soon....ALL of them Have come true but 2. The rising up of THE Antichrist. and Christs Return
  • Not to worry, it won't happen in our life time. +3

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