• This is going to be fun. We need to start are the beginning - full body wax! Everything below the neck has to go! Laser hair removal on his beard and electrolysis on his eyebrows. Permanent eye makeup is an option. It will make life so much easirt for him, oops, her. Does his family know? They should be told as soon as possible. His mother will probably want to meet her new daughter and go shopping with her for new clothes. Immediaterly throw away ALL of his boy clothes. He won't be needing them anymore.
  • garter belt, stockings and a corset are a must. He is a lucky boy having someone dedicated to his transformation. Are you considering taking clients if this works out?
  • over the top on every thing and a dress like this
  • Nice skirt and blouse...maybe 38c to fill his bra out nicely..Ooops her...start her on hormones right away!

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