• i can wish
  • i do like no lie honest truth
  • Haven't for 4 hours, but long enough sometimes. Once I start, is rather hard to stop. I cum, then still rub slowly for awhile, but then start up again more & cum again.....keep doing this, so it takes plenty of time if I go on like this.
  • I know my younger sister can do it but I never could figure out how.
  • are you blind yet
  • Sure it is. I've done it many times. When I was young, I really spent too much time masturbating! I learned to prolong the pleasure by almost bringing myself to an orgasm, and then backing off again. I'd make it a contest to see how long I could last. It was fun, and the orgasm at the end was very satisfying. What can I say? I lived outside of town, had no car and was alone a lot. I didn't even have internet for most of my teen years. It was just me and sometimes a mirror!

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