• For one I was not an abusive alcoholic.
  • I'm always on the lookout for a new hot step mom. I have an application if you're interested.
  • nevebe afraid to say i love you.
  • Difficult as it is, I try always to keep in mind that my daughter is a person in her own right, and has the intelligence to make her own decisions, based on the life lessons I have tried to impart. Cutting the apron strings has been very hard for me, but I want her to be independent and resourceful, unafraid to spread her wings yet knowing that I will always be there support her as needed, no matter the situation she finds herself in...I am "the wind beneath her wings".
  • More love and interest in their future. Realize you were a kid once and probably did the same things they want to do now.
  • Very clear - we give our daughter a praise and encourament when she deserves, and we are not shy about it. I lacked and encouragement and self-confidence in my life. I loved my parents, but I didn't get much of eiher.
  • I'm better than my father because he simply wasn't around. Whether or not he was a good man otherwise is up for grabs as I simply didn't know him well. My mom was an excellent mother and did the best she could which impresses me and always will. I think that in one area I'm doing better than her but I have an advantage of not being a single parent working all the time and she had twice as many kids.... I think I'm doing better at explaining how things work to my daughters - relationships, money and other caveats in life. Looking back I think that, most especially in regards to relationships, I wasn't given enough information or given warning of what could go wrong. I approached relationships like a kid looking for a fairy tale where there was none.
  • I am more open with my children and when I say NO to something, they know why. Also they see they mom as a human so when they mess up, they come to me and we work through it together. I was raise do be perfect all the time and when I wasn't it was unbearable....I never want my daughter to have that feeling.
  • I have no children as yet, however when I do I think my parents will be a hard act to follow. They never beat or even raised their voice at me or my brother even when we were bad, they would sit me down and discuss with me what I had done wrong and they would always hug me afterwards and tell me that they loved me, I could talk to them about anything and still can they are great and have the patience of a saint I hope that I will be able to be the same with my children.
  • We took them on family vacations, showed more discipline and celebrated holidays more. My parents loved me the same. We just became more involved with our children.
  • No one will ever be a better parent than my dad was. How was my parenting different from my mom's? Everything she ever did to make me feel bad about myself I did not do to my son. So she was a guidepost of what not to do. One matter what I did it wasn't quite good enough..maybe it was 99%..never 100%. That was her nature...mine is exactly the opposite. :)
  • I'll NEVER fill their shoes. They never took a vacation without us, they were always on our side. never laid a hand on any of us in anger, and raised us to charish freedom, and to be kind to every living thing.. Luckily my children had them around too!
  • I make promises that I can keep and I find a lot of parents make empty promises especially mine.
  • I don't even closely compare to my parents! They are great!!
  • There are SO many ways that I'm a better parent than either one of mine...I don't leave my children with random people to go out with my friends, I know where they are at all times, I keep them safe, They know that I love them more than anything else in this world. I'm here for them, and they are first in my life before all else.
  • I believe that I am a better parent my child doesn't go to bed at night thinking she's alone. Doesn't wake up wondering will she survive the day. She doesn't have to worry about her next meal. She doesn't have to worry if Daddy will come home all drunk and decide to take his angry out on her. I hope my daughter will always feel safe with her family not like I did.
  • Definatly my mother was a Alcoholic and she wasnt the most loving of mothers,taught me to appriciate my children and make up to them what i never had...Love:)
  • i strive to be as good. ;D
  • no ... i'm 19!! too young for kids lol!! unless immaculate conception take 2!!
  • Fortunately, my children have never had to go "without" anything. I'm not really sure that they all understand what a great thing that is, but I know what it felt like, and I never wanted my children to feel it.
  • I am not an alcoholic.
  • I listen to their opinions!
  • I don't shoot heroin or beat them.
  • Not yet.
  • My father never came to my school events, programs or concerts. He was to busy being a religious zealot. So I made sure that for my two sons, I would be at every sporting, academic or school event that I possibly could.
  • Easy: 1) I'm in my early 20's and still not a parent yet. 2) I don't have a drinking problem - and in fact, rarely drink. 3) I don't use drugs of any kind. 4) I'm not married to a crazy drug addict.
  • I think I listen more, and am non judgemental and agreeable to allowing the kids to have more experimental fun.

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