• I like them left alone !
  • There is nothing sacred about a song - especially a song that might get remixed. Remix awqay - it'll make a song better suited to different situations and may generate extra sales. That is after all the bottom line.
  • leave em all alone. i hate remixes of songs...they are never as good as the original version. =(
  • If it ain't broke why fix it...
  • If you can't play original music or can't write it then remix isn't really music, just noise. I prefer it from the original instruments or original voices..recording is fine though. Then again, wish in one hand and shit in the other and what do you have?
  • Being a musician, I hate remixes, Unless the musician who originally wrote/performed the song is the one doing the remixing. Remixes like Run-DMC's version of the Aerosmith original 'Walk This Way' OR Gun's & Roses version of the Paul McCartney & Wings original 'Live And Let Die' suck... and not in a good way. And, any blatantly disco version of a previously non-disco song is nothing but impure drivel.
  • It depends on whether it's going to be remixed it well or not. I'd rather it was remixed than just plainly covered, that really annoys me.
  • Depends on what type of remixing you are talking about. As mentioned by 'mistersensible' remixes of good tracks into poppy/discoie/hip-hoppy mashed potatoes is first of all really cheesy and secondly disrespectful towards the original musician(s) and fans. However DJ remixes of a few other tracks, to grab a very good vocal out of there and mix it into a tasty electro-house mix, I believe is another story. There are tracks and vocals out there that would have never been resurrected and the people would have never enjoyed again if it weren't for DJs who went digging for some old LPs in a dusty basement of a record store.
  • Sometimes it isn't necessarily the remix thats the problem but the person who did it and the way in which they did it. And some songs just don't do well mixed. I have heard some songs mixed and hated them. And others I heard mixed I loved! It just depends upon a lot of variables.
  • At the moment, eight people have answered- - all of their answers have been very helpful to me. I even remembered to give points. :) Anyway, I think my answer is " It all depends " - - rather close to some other answers. I keep thinking of one of my favorite songs and groups -- The Dream Academy's " Life In a Northern Town. " On the soundtrack to the remake of the film " The Parent Trap," a group credited as 'Jakaranda' has taken the Dream Academy song and created " Never Let You Go, " transforming the original into a whole new song - - not so much a remix, I know - - that remains respectful to the original ( the chorus is a sample from the original ). So, it's nice to hear those shining examples of quality transformations. However, that new version of " You Spin Me Round Like a Record " ? It is one of the worst piles of s*it I've ever heard- - makes one scream at the radio for the original group Go West!! [ At least, I think that is the group who made the original ]
  • Eh, some remixes are cool, other really suck. I think it really depends on the person who remixes it.
  • I think it really depends on who remixes it.

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