• My vote goes for communication. Without it, you can't build trust, you can feel unappreciated and unloved, and worse.
  • Marriage is the primary cause of divorce
  • Ungodly living. Sin pulls couples apart.
  • people don't know how to get along! we know how to motivate you to do what we want, but an upfront willingness to compromise, NOT TODAY!
  • physically being with each other, communication problems, one person drinking at bars/pubs a lot, boredom.......+5
  • People grow apart.
  • The fact that it is socially and economically possible. I the past, divorce was ruinous to one or both parties. People stayed together because they had to. Now they don't have to, so often they aren't.
  • inablity or lack of desire to compromise on anything.
  • Lack of interest. In a marriage, as in most things, there has to be a desire to succeed for the chance of success. In other words, marriages work when both parties want them to work. And don't get me wrong, marriage is hard work. Love is needed, desire is needed, but most of all commitment is needed. Marriages now-a-days fail because nobody can be bothered to work at them. After the initial bloom of love, guys cheat, girls get bored, both stop caring and the marriage goes down the crapper. Because in this day and age of instant gratification, the thought of putting work into a marriage is much more difficult than the thought of divorce. Hope this helps. PS: Married 28 years and counting.
  • Inability to communicate, disagreement on money, sex, and power.
  • Indifference. Folks get tired of putting up with the other's shit.
  • incompatibility Leving the toothpasye cap off sqeezing from the middle instead ofthe bottom leaving the toilet seat up not taking out the garbage not doing housework i'm totally guessing here, never been married.
  • Financial problems although this research says otherwise:
  • Not thoroughly getting to know your partner and accept them for who they are before you marry, which ties in to thinking you can change them after you marry.

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