• All of religion is symbolism. With spatterings of morals thrown in.
  • You have an interesting point. There is a significant line of scholarly thought that the tracing of Jesus's geneology through Joseph (found in the Gospel of Matthew back to Abraham and in the Gospel of Luke which traces it back to Adam and God)was to give Jesus the credibility associated with succession through Abraham Isaac and Jacob who were the three most prominent figures in Judaism. Placing Jesus with these names would evoke the associations and recognitions necessary to provide people with the framework/context/points of reference necessary to consider/understand the life and actions of Jesus. Note that the first Gospel written - Mark does not show a need to identify the BONA FIDES of Jesus but leaps into the narrative at warp speed. It is only as the Gospels are written is there felt to be a need to provide Jesus with more detail including the birth narratives which are widely regarded as fiction.....
  • There are two different geneologies, one is Joseph's and one is Mary's. Both descended from King David.
    • ReiSan
      No, Jews were patriarchs, so they did not count ancestries of women. Anyhow both Matthew and Luke give conflicting ancestries for Joseph.. Neither says it is Mary's descent.
  • Tracing the geneology of Jesus back to David is only an attempt to write in the fulfillment of a prophesy. Joseph's geneology is obviously of no consequence, and nowhere is Mary's geneology traced (the geneology in Luke is not claimed to be that of Mary).
  • It seems odd that Matthew and Luke give conflicting ancestries from David to Joseph and then add Jesus was son of God. Why bother to list Joseph's descent, if he is not Jesus' father? It appears that the original tales had Jesus as the son of Joseph and thus a descendant of David and thus the Messiah, but someone decided to copy the many virgin birth myths and did it awkwardly. He cannot be both Messiah and son of God. Judaism says Jesus is not the Messiah, but Christianity insists upon this contradictory stance. The Bible is extremely poor fiction with such errors as this major one.
  • not sure what it is

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