• nothing that I can think of...
  • In my opinion, none. but there are millions of people out there that think otherwise.
  • God made a man to fit in a woman and a woman to fit around a man... It was God's idea not mine. Personally, I think lesbian chicks are... SOOOOOOOO... HAWT!!! omg.
  • Homosexual people have to defend their rights
  • Well, the green blood, pointed ears and complete lack of emotions... oh, wait. That's Vulcans. I guess there's nothing else I can see.
  • Homosexual can not PROCREATE heterosexuals can.
    • Thinker
      A lot of heterosexuals decide they do not wish to procreate or cannot so what is your point?
  • You don't argue over who left the toilet seat up.
  • Plenty of things - and you should be greatful for them. You should be able to be completely different in every facet of the word and have the same rights as everyone else. Don't try to think of one difference - come up with as many as you can: it's human.
  • The only thing I can see is Homosexuals are of the same gender and Heterosexuals are of different genders.
  • They are people just like the rest of us :D
  • not much, hes still a person
  • Some people are different that way,but I am not. I fall in love like a straight.
  • Love is the bottom line in all relationships it makes no difference if it is male/female or male/male or female/female. This is the commandment of the Lord God to love all others. The Lord God is pro adult consensual heterosexual and likewise pro adult consensual homosexual. Where He draws the line is in pagan god or goddess worship, rape, and pederasty. These acts are an abomination to Him.
  • they cant have babies
    • Thinker
      So what does that prove? Many couples prefer not to have children or cannot.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      It proves that they're different, which answers the question that was asked.
  • Homosexual people always seem to have the need to tell everyone they're homosexual and celebrate it. Why would anyone have a parade saying that they're straight?
    • mushroom
      Have you experienced this personally, or are you making a generalization? "Hi, I'm Chuck and I'm gay! What are you?"
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I have, actually. And good for your gayness, Chuck. I don't care.
  • Hormones that were released during the mother's pregnancy -- the body develops first, then the brain.

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