• I like to cook a big late dinner, my boyfriend works second shift, so it is easier on me.
  • I usually like to eat my main meal midafternoon. Mainly because I usually eat a big late breakfast and then get hungry again midafternoon.
  • I normally eat once a day and that is around 6pm
  • We have always had our main meal of the day in the early evening.
  • I like the big meal in the middle of the day. The only drawback is it can make me sleepy after eating it.
  • I would prefer to eat my main meal at noon since I don't have much of an appetite in the am. However, if I eat a large lunch, then I don't feel like cooking for the dinner meal. My hsb eats a large breakfast, minimal lunch & needs a main meal in the evening. So....what I usually do is just eat little bits & pcs until dinner - for the MAIN meal. ;)
  • I usually have my main meal early evening, as thats when I get in from work and make dinner. It's through lack of choice and time :p
  • I would prefer middle of the day because I like exercising after dinner, but my husband doesn't finish work until 6pm and with children it is simply easier to make one big meal for evening time for everyone to eat. +5
  • I eat whenever I get around to making it today it was about 645pm yesterday was at 930pm
  • Work is not condusive to this, but my preferance would always be to have a main meal about 2pm then a very light dinner.
  • im not a big eater cause im only 4ft5 and right now im prediabetic so im trying to cut back, usually after i eat lunch i dont bother with another meal

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