• I am always thinking about sex. I don’t believe the old story that guys are the only ones that think about sex every couple of minutes. I can’t say I am always wet except when I am ovulating then I am always moist down there. My husband loves that time of the month because he slides in so easily without working me up. He will slide in me from behind and try to fall asleep that way at night. Usually he can’t do it because it feels too good so he just keeps sliding in and out until you know when. So it is normal, it is for me when I ovulate but that is the only time then I am dry the rest of the time except when making love. Come to think about it I am wet now as I answer this.
  • I am curious about your question. Did you have sex reassignment surgery? If so, why do you still have a picture of yourself as a man? But if you are always wet and aroused, you can consider yourself to be lucky. I am sure you can many partners to have sex with to satisfy you.

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