• No, its the religious types that are fearful.
  • Most humans fear failure for many things
  • If they did, wouldn't that be contradictory to what they believe in?
  • They better,if not now they will when they stand before an angry God.The bible says they will be bound in chains,why is that,cause they will be so afraid.Mankind has no clue what true anger is.
    • ReiSan
      That will never occur. Gods do not exist, especially yours.
  • I know I'm not.
  • I'd guess no more or less than people who believe in God / follow a religion do.
  • No, not at all. If I am right then what is there to fear? If god(s) is/are good and loving then they would not punish anyone simply because they doubt their existence. If god(s) is/are vengeful to those that cannot believe in them for a valid reason then they are not loving nor good. Why worship a god that would be so well.... petty? If there is a god I cannot see they would be like this. If they are then I think I have better moral standards in which case why call them god?
  • Yes, I am an Atheist, and I do fear I am wrong. I believe I am right, but if God is real, then it doesn't matter how right I think I am. But It would take that to convert me... Dieing and going to hell.
  • No we don't. Why would anyone fear old unvalidated religious textbooks?
  • I'm agnostic and I don't fear that I'm wrong. I actually hope that I'm wrong regarding whether there is some kind of eternal after life consciousness.
  • I do not think they fear being wrong. I just pray that they will find JC before it is too late.
    • Venus1485
      JC doesn't exist.
  • If they did then they wouldn't be athiests, they would be agnostics instead. I think you would have to be rather strong in your conviction to catagorise yourself as an athiest.
  • No more than Christians fear that they might be wrong and, say, Hinduism is right. Or Paganism, or Shamanism, or Buddhism or... There are so many different theories of religion/non religion that, if it were chance, you would almost certainly be wrong. As it, atheism is based on logic and so, to the atheist, has a very low chance of being wrong - much less than any single faith.
  • No. Do you Christers fear that you may be wrong?
  • No. Just like xtians, jews, muslims that don't think that they are wrong for not worshiping Zeus or Apollo or any of the millions of other gods that they fail to pay homage to, or even that they might have picked the correct deity but are worshiping it incorrectly.
  • do religious people ever feel they are waisting their time?
  • I don't personally. I'm quite convinced that the hundreds of thousands of gods littering human history are man-made - so if there's a god out there somewhere then none of the goddy folk are right either - being busy worshipping their own creations...
  • Fear...NO!! Of course there is the possibility of a god like being, I certainly can’t prove otherwise. But I am absolutely 100% it could never be anything like any of the man made gods of the bible’s, Koran or what ever. How could I possibly fear something that none of us know anything about or even whether or not it exists? That would be like being afraid of fairies because you read them in a book once, absurd.
  • Fear...NO!! Of course there is the possibility of a god like being, I certainly can’t prove otherwise. But I am absolutely 100% it could never be anything like any of the man made gods of the bible’s, Koran or what ever. How could I possibly fear something that none of us know anything about or even whether or not it exists? That would be like being afraid of fairies because you read them in a book once, absurd.
  • Not this atheist - indeed, I'm sometimes sorry that I'm right - but I never fear that I am wrong.
  • No more than you fear being right
  • I think that the essence of atheism is reveling in being proven wrong. As I understand it atheism requires proof for acceptance of truth. Atheism allows for being proven wrong in that any new evidence that may conflict with our worldview allows us to reevaluate our idea of truth. Given that as a definition of atheism, if any of the hundreds of religions in the world were to provide incontrovertible truth of their god's existence then there would be no need for atheism. There would be nothing to fear because the existence of a god would be truth. Personally, if a god exists that would punish me for not believing in it despite having no proof of its existence, then I cannot see how showing false belief and plodding through ritually could save me from such an illogical fate. As it stands, I see no proof of any type of afterlife except for the memories we leave with our loved ones and the consequences of the things we do in the world. If I were to be punished for being the best person I can be because I did not follow an arbitrary creed then I would still see myself in the right.
  • I think religious people are very sick minded and self centered when they say they will get to live happily in heaven. You'll just chill with your homie Jesus while 99% of all humans are tortured in hell for eternity? If I was in heaven I would be very unhappy knowing that most of my friends were being tortured in unimaginable ways. God is an immoral asshole for sending those people to hell, because no one deserves to go to hell.
  • No, but if they did then there's also the question of which one of the thousands of gods out there is the real one.
  • I think some atheists do, actually. In pretty much any viewpoint, you have those who are confident and those who have doubts. From a child development standpoint, early religious education can create a huge psychological predisposition towards belief. So it's pretty common to find young people who are "rebelling" against their upbringing by becoming atheist. That's a pretty brittle posture to be in, because their atheism is based more on a reaction to parental influence than it is on sound consideration of the facts. That's very different from a "mature" atheist... someone who has resolved any lingering parental battles from childhood, has inquired into the topic for themselves, and concluded that they have nothing to fear from those beliefs.
  • Not at all. The great thing about atheism is that they aren't required to live in fear.
  • No, and I also haven't had any second thoughts all the other 10,578,984 times that question has been asked before
  • I know the liklihood of my being wrong is not zero, but I don't fear it.
  • i did when i was caught between atheist and wicca and very little catholic. and then i got my head on tight and decided to follow logic and real truth. which makes me very happy. i no longer feel i am wrong.
  • Do you ever fear you're wasting a monumental amount of time worshiping a pagan God? Do you ever fear that when you die you just die? Perhaps you fear not measuring up and going to burn for eternity because of some major league "oops" in your life? What happens if when you die and expect to go to heaven, but get to the "pearly gates" only to learn you overlooked just one little thing like a prayer you forgot or a commandment you overlooked. Maybe you saw a pretty girl and got a woodie and now you're worried your dick will burn for ever? I'll take my chances against your odds. God seems to only rescue people based on the lottery system so basically you're just buying a lottery ticket and gambling that God actually exist. I go for the sure thing.. It's not real. Now that's a sure bet. ;)
  • If they do they become religious. They have the right to change. What difference does it make? Atheists are not asking bullying questions of believers changing if they realize they are wrong. Its this kind of BS that causes atheists to dislike troll believers.
  • Aha, Pascal's Wager again! Do Christians fear that they might be wrong and face Zeus when they die? Do Hindus fear they might be wrong and face Amaterasu when they die? Pascal's Wager is not comprehensive. Under it, you must worship all gods ever invented to be safe, but some gods are jealous and do not allow worship of other gods, so even that will not satisfy this illogical wager.
  • This one fears only spiders and snakes.
  • Do Christians fear that they might be wrong about Zeus, Odin, Jove, Amon, Enki, Asshur, Marduk and many other gods of different religions? There's no evidence that any gods exist, so I have no fear of any imaginary gods.
  • some might
  • Wrong about what ?
  • I believe everyone has a fear of the unknown.

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