• I don't think people from Iowa are rednecks and hicks.
  • I don't think that. There are always going to be those ignorant people who do think that though. Like, some one in norway thought that everyone in california looked like Arnold S. 0_o It really depends on who the person is around / hears I guess.
  • well people asume it because you are in the mid west,
  • well people asume it because you are in the mid west,
  • well people asume it because you are in the mid west,
  • well people asume it because you are in the mid west,
  • well people asume it because you are in the mid west,
  • I am fortunate to know people from Iowa and do not consider them hicks.
    • Thriftymaid
      Same here. 12-16
  • Well, if people have lived their entire lives having never really encountered anyone from Iowa then they only know what they hear from others or see in the media.
  • Well I dont think that at all
  • Because some people in the liberal east coast and west coast think that they are somehow more cultured and more intelligent then the people in middle America. You can usually tell the difference between a liberal who's spent time in middle America before and a liberal who's spent almost their entire life living on the east or west coasts. Or those in Europe who have never visited middle America before either seem to hold similar beliefs about it. I had one particular person who'd never visited the US at all inform me that there are a lot of communities in my area where if a non-white tried to move in that we'd immeidatly kill them. This is news to me considering I lived for many years next to a hispanic family.
  • I don't. I have no opinion of Iowa or its people. The one person I know from Iowa is nothing like a hick or redneck for what it's worth.
  • IOWA? LOL Try living in OKLAHOMA. Many of us ARE hicks and rednecks. We don't care. :)
  • try applying for employment with this State of Iowa, acknowledge how your being interviewed, question ask on your resume' see how they look at you, and treat you. it's really short, and they do not give you much time to answer. especially their body language sucks. the position that is being advertisted is positioned for their kin folk! nepotisum GOT IT!
  • I grew up in Minnesota, and I've also travelled a fair amount. My observation is that rednecks are more further south (Oklahoma, Texas, that area). Hicks are more in the deep south. Just like everyone in the Pacific Northwest is a hippie, and everyone in New York is gruff and mean. Just kidding around. Actually I think it's because it's a lot of farmland, and most of the farmers in Iowa and Southern MN that I've know are too busy working to have a chance to travel and see what's out there, and the children grow up working the farm as well, so there is less time for in depth education. Keep in mind it's been about 25 years since I lived in the area, and I'm sure it's changed a lot.
  • I don't think that, but then again, I'm from Indiana, so I'm probably lumped in with whatever people think of Midwesterners.
  • I'm jealous, I thought only us southerners had that priveledge.
  • Not everyone does, who told you that? You need some better sources if that is what you think. I have relatives in Iowa and I attended college there, so I can't imagine who you have been talking to, but they are just plain wrong.
  • 12-26-2016 Everybody knows the entire population of Iowa appeared in "Wizard Of Oz" and they were fer sher Rednecks and hicks!
  • due to the butthurt media,businesses and Democratic lies.
  • No not those but I think for many easterners there is a sense that Iowa is sort of very provincial like everyone knows everyone else. Like nothing ever happens there - when I was traveling cross country I never once went through Iowa. I have known two people from Iowa and always wanted to ask the second if she knew the first. But refrained from doing so out of respect and decency. Turned out they not only knew one another but were cousins. I know there are good people in Iowa because I have watched Love of Quilting and American Pickers on TV but somehow they do seem to further my whole provincial image of the state.
  • I never said people from Iowa are Rednecks and hicks, so not everyone thinks that.

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