• You've been listening to the wrong person. :o)
  • Been with my man for 6 years, under the sheets 'recreation' has been in our lives for 5 years and we've never had a child thanks to our strict views on birth control and waiting until we're married to have children together. I see no problem with what I'm doing and I plan to continue.
  • They lie if they tell you that is the only reason they've had sex. Besides, why can't procreation be recreational???
  • My views? If that were true, then women would be fertile every day of the month, not just 3 or four days somewhere in the middle of their cycle. But still, if that's what they choose to believe, let 'em. Find someone else to have sex with. Personally, I love my wife a h*ll of a lot more than to treat her as a baby factory whose sole purpose in life is to turn my sperm into more babies. She deserves far more than that.
  • That's just one opinion! If that's what they believe ... good for them. What bothers me is that they think it's the ONLY opinion.
  • If it works for him/her, then fine. I like to practice reproducing!
  • They either are missing a lot of fun or they have dozens of children. LOL
  • Stop saying you are dumb for listening to someone who acts in a position of authority. You are not dumb, you are seeking - there is a difference. Maybe you should look within and find that you can learn to trust your own heart more - if you were brought up with morals and values, you KNOW when something is right or wrong. To have someone else tell you what is right or wrong is giving someone else responsibility for and of your life. Your life is your own and that is the point to religion - not that you blindly follow what some PERSON says, but to live in a manner that you know is good, or as good as you can live. To CHOSE to live morally is to live in faith. To follow someone else's dogma is just plain ignoring the directive of christianity - to chose and accept.
  • Well practice makes perfect! It is your body, you choose what you want to do with it ;0)
  • That's very interesting.. but whoever believes that must of had bad sex in their last experiences.
  • My view is, it makes me want to cry thinking that is the only reason.
  • They are entitled to their opinion, certainly. And since you are asking for mine, I will gladly give it. If God hadn't intended for sex to be pleasurable, He could have made a female without a clitoris. He could have made males not to crave sex the way they do. Well most males anyway. Sex is wonderful. It's fulfilling and satisfying and makes stress melt away and can enpower you in a way that nothing else can. I love sex. I feel sad for people who do not enjoy sex, or for whom the joy and pleasure of sex has been stolen or abused. It is an integral part of my life and my relationship.

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