• Yes and No. You can make an extension cord but because of the "Voltage Drop" from the length (75 feet) you will need to go up one size in wire, other wise the extension will get hot and not conduct enough amperage to the welder. This could cause the welder to not function correctly or even burn out. I recommend 8/2 with ground for the extension cord. If you have any more questions about this feel free to contact me.
  • 6-30-2017 Here is a chart from Home Depot but it only goes to 20 amps. For your application you will want the heaviest wire you can find, preferably 6 gauge. If the wire is too small, you are paying to heat the wire and maybe melt the insulation. We are all assuming that your welder actually draws 30 amps. You should check the ratings somewhere on the machine to see what it normally draws.
  • Most welders are 220 VAC a 10/2 or an 8/2 will not work. you need an 8/3. Some smaller "home' welders are 110 VAC. 8/2 should work.

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