• Look for a deodorant AND an antipresperant. Most have Aluminun Chlorhydrate as an component. Pardon my mis-spelling. You might try getting the little sample size of several brands and see which works best for you. Ive seen these at walmart.
  • Try "Once A Week" deodorant. It's a very good solution for your body odor. In that no alluminium and alcohol. It's a tissue type deo, apply once and odor free for seven days. No need to apply every day and the best part, it is fragrance free. You may email me if u cant get the product
  • There is a brand here called mitchum (I believe) that is the the strongest you can get without a prescription.
  • sports in men always works for me. i am female but eh whatever does the job!!!
  • womens deodrents smell like shit it's like why the hell do i want to have a whiff of roses or powder when i lift my arm? uhhh sorry no thanks i use old spice...partly because i think it smells sexy but also it works
  • *SURE*
  • Arm and Hammer brand. Great stuff. The solid lasts forever and does a very good job.
  • try an unscented men's deodorant. if that doesn't work you could try secret clinical strength, but usually women's deodorants smell terrible and fake. if you are still having problems, try a prescription deodorant.
  • Some health stores carry something called a mineral deodorant stone. It uses natural minerals to prevent the bacteria from causing odor. Works great, and you can't even feel that you have it on.
  • i loveeee dove im not sure how strong it is tho but im a soccer player and it holds up pretty well i think it works pretty good you culd give tat a try
  • those that you have mentioned have the least active ingrdent.i looked up all the types.seceret should work but if you want a clinicail strength just get mitchum its basiclt the same

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