• I believe that Fate is what happens when your Luck runs out....
  • I believe that our fate is written the day we are born
  • No, I do not believe that our fate is written in the stars.
  • No. What would be the point of having a predetermined life? I think "fate" is an excuse for "it's way too hard to fulfill my own dreams and be responsible for my own actions, so let's make FATE the scapegoat".
  • I don't believe in fate, period. There are too many variables and accidents, too many chances to change our lives, our behavior. Too many chances to influence other people or have them influence us. There is just too much chance.
  • Yes, I do believe in fate.......or destiny.......or God's will. I know this in the area of romance, or my romantic life. You know how you meet the most handsome man you've ever seen, and he makes you feel red hot in your attraction to him? From head to toe he appears perfect, you love his chocolate brown eyes, his hair is the color of brazil nuts, his voice is a low tenor, very masculine and deep, he's tall, dark and so handsome and he's so in control of people and things that you are totally smitten with him. Everything was perfect about him and you knew deep within your heart that you have a pure and true love for him and you also have lots to offer him. You two were formally introduced and he takes your hand (instead of shaking it) in a gesture that is oh so romantic. He holds your hand up to his lips and you would think he just stepped off of a movie set. It was love at first sight for you and now you are in heat. It's all good till you find out he's married. And then you discover his wife just gave birth to his daughter. And guess what his newborn daughter's name is? If you can believe it you go in to work one day (where he also works) and you see a poster announcing THE HUNK'S newborn daughter's name. And guess what his daughter's name is? It is your name. Yes, he did indeed have a daughter born to him only a week after you laid your lustful eyes on him. And, yes his newborn daughter has even got your name. How did that happen, you ask yourself? How is it that the most handsome man you've ever seen in your entire life meets you, and then 7 short days later he comes in to work happily announcing the birth of his daughter. He and his wife had the name picked out for their baby (before you came on the scene). And then you are blown away by all this. The baby has your name. There is fate.......or destiny.......or God's will. Call it whatever you will. It happened to me 10 years ago now. I will never forget it. He made such a hot first impression on me. And then a week later I found out he's married, his wife just gave birth to a daughter and the fully dissappointing news of all this!!!!!!! Now there is zero chance of you ever scoring him when his daughter has your name. Well, it is 10 years ago that it happened and I get it that there is fate or destiny. Some things just weren't meant to be. Later on I found out his wife's name.......his wife has the same name as my sister. So how would I compete with that? I mean, if my sister's name is Sandra and the wife he chose also has that name, it makes it even more impossible for me to carry on with the fantasy that was in my head. Yes folks, some things just weren't meant to be. Fate. Destiny. God's will. It just wasn't written in the stars for me and him. His wife has got my sister's name (Sandra) and their baby got my name (I want to keep my name confidential). This is a real twist of fate kind of story. Olivia Newton John has a great song called "Twist of Fate." It means so much to me now.
  • No I believe in personal choice. I also believe that probability wave functions disprove destiny.
  • Absolutely not. Fate is a losers way out.
    • beaker95
  • Yes..............With invisible ink.

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