• I do it in person. Discussion about this takes place before I make the decision. After that there is no point. If you don't do it in person it shows weakness and it will hurt the other person more for not even respecting them enough to tell her in person.
  • In person, it is cowardly to send a message really in my opinion
  • Head to head!
  • It always just kinda ended. Lack of calls one way or another. I only had to "end" one and I did it in person, anything else would be pretty rude and unkind.
  • I never got the chance it just kind of ended leaving you just plain hollow inside. one week we are fine and the next week she is tonguing one of my friend's friend. So is life. :)
  • I'd like to say in person, but if your relationships on the fritz like that anyways, might as well just tell em in person / phone because they likely knew it was coming anyways.
  • I would think it would be the proper thing to do to at least have the guts to tell them face to face.
  • If possible, I think face-to-face is the most honorable way to end a relationship. But if you're not together and won't see each other for awhile, I wouldn't hang in with a pretense of feeling. In that case I think a phone call would be a good alternative. Sending an email, a text message or leaving a message on an answering machine seems cold to me and doesn't give the other person a chance to say anything. :)
  • its only right and correct to do it face-to-face
  • Well, if you're a WOMAN--you can do it "NEW-AGE" style...Let your NEW boyfriend tell your future EX-boyfriend!!!
  • I'd prefer to do it face to face, if their not around then I'd prefer to talk on the phone. I will put my hand up for ignoring calls after leaving a message. I am not proud of it either...
  • Face to face.
  • Neither. I'd use a messenger pigeon :)
  • I think that face to face is the most respectful way to let them know how I feel.....But I have done ended a relationship with a letter....I had too many feels for him and I want to explain myself without forgetting anything important.
  • I do it the old-fashioned way: kill her quietly, transport the body in a stolen car, then dismember the corpse and run the pieces through a wood chipper into an acid pit out in the country on someone else's land. At least that's the normal way ...
  • I tried ending a carpooling relationship but it got out of hand and I was dragged for about 3 blocks. Next time I'm definitely going to leave a msg on her phone.
  • AnneOminous this is moocheevan I got your answer and wondered if you could help. We really only need five hundred as a gift then we do not have to pay taxes except on capital gains. We own apartments and have tenents that have been there for ten years and do not want to have to uproot them. We were fine till CA market took a hit and not only are you helping us but other families as well. Also we are good hardworking people. Thanks Moocheevan
  • face to face is the only way the other ways are chicken ways so u dont have to c or hear them react u need to know how they take it

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