• This is for a young girl who needs some help on what those first few months can really be like. She's sad, away from her family and needs some support!!!!
  • Yup. Thought we had made a BIG mistake. 8 years later, found out for sure.
  • Its tough but you obviously made that commitment for a reason.Stick it out. Its like anything new,you have to adjust.
  • It does take time getting use to each others Quirks;)
  • No, the first 6 months were pretty easy. It's these last 6 years that have been a bitch, though.
  • yes i did and it takes a lot of work
  • i do remember. That process is always ongoing and never really ends.
  • i dont see marriage as changing much? I mean i am not married so i cant really say can i? but... i have been with my boyfreind for a few years, he lived with me and my family. we have recently bought our own place together and moved in with just us. my friends told me i was making a huge mistake to just move in and be committed with a house. because they thought it would change everything. it hasnt changed a thing, and i think marrige is nothing different. it should change much- just that you two know for sure you love each other, which is a good thing!
  • It was extremely hard, those cute little habits, arent so cute when you live with them. LOL. He did things one way, I did them another, it took us awhile to get it together.
  • We did'nt really have an adjustment because it was like we had been together in a previous life and were comfortable from the first day we met.
  • I'll concede they weren't easy but I expected that anyway. :-)
  • The first 6 months as newlyweds were tough, but the last 8 years were horrible!
  • Possibly becuase we had known each other so well before, and for so long, and had talked about how we wanted to lead our lives, we really didn't have any adjustments, just so glad that we could finally spend all night together and be there for each other. It was a little hard for me to figure out how to spend my days since I didn't work outside the home but I just realized it was no different after marriage, other than my mom wasn't there at times during the day. But I already knew a lot about his habits, likes and dislikes, and he knew about mine. I knew of his schedule for work. I really didn't need to change much, even though you'd think there would be since I went from parent's home to married life.
  • I recall a couple of things..fixing a big breakfast only to discover later (after he ate it) that he really preferred just coffee in the morning..well, me to.... and we laughed about that. I still think to this day how sweet he was to eat it! The other "big thing"..he was an auto mechanic and into cars of course..he had another car that he really poured big bucks day one of the other mechanics asked if I had seen the new wire wheels on that car..I hadn't..didn't even know about it. So that night at home we had a long discussion about never spending that kind of money without discussing it first. Other than that, we adjusted quite well. :)
  • Yes, the first 6 months + were difficult. You have to work on it like anything else, but it was worth it.
  • Yes, yes, yes, for about the first 2 or 3 years is a difficult adjustment,but you are husband and wife now, you have to deal with this as an adult, sit down and talk, you are gonna have too give things up as well as he has to give things up. But good luck too you and don't give up, work through the tough times, as the marriage says for better or worse, through thick and thin. Wise words to follow aactually
  • Yes i did with my first marriage.

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