• Yes. ... and millions of them are coming in from Mexico.
  • In this day and age it's hard to believe, but yes I do know someone who can't read.
  • Yes, they are Americans graduated from high school,passed just to get them out of the way.
  • SURE! my s/o's dad is illiterate, but he knows his numbers that's for sure!
  • Yes, very good people that had some very tough times, some learned after they were 35, Several are ex addicts and are teaching in rehab homes, it is very heart warming. Just when you think your having it tough you see that your life has been easy compare to some others.
  • Not personally but I know those people are out there. Here in Florida we grow a whole new crop every single year! The literacy rate of adults here in the United States is estimated to be 99.0% according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Institute for Statistics (UIS) April 2007 Assessment. Rates of literacy in the United States depend on which of the various definitions of literacy is used. Governments may label individuals who can read a couple of thousand simple words they learned by sight in the first four grades in school as literate; but the most comprehensive study of U.S. adult literacy ever commissioned by the U.S. government argues that such adults are functionally illiterate — they cannot read well enough to hold a good job. A study by the Jenkins Group has shown that millions of Americans never read another book after leaving school. How sad is that? A follow-up study by the same group of researchers using a smaller database assert that 46% to 51% of U.S. adults read so poorly that they earn "significantly" below the threshold poverty level for an individual. The World Fact-book prepared by the CIA claims that the U.S. literacy rate is 99%, but defines literacy as being able to read and write when a person is 15 years old or older. A person who can only read a few hundred — or even a couple of thousand — simple words learned in the first four grades in school is only marginally literate.
  • Yes, but only when they are driving!:)
  • Some that are very poor at it, but none truly illiterate.
  • I do, and she is an American woman who cared for me as a child. She is elderly now, but nonetheless still can't read. :(
  • Yes my father in law, he is 72 and he had to quit school in the 3rd grade and work. He is a wiz at numbers and can keep his checking account balanced in his head. He has a great memory and is a very smart man. He just can't read. But he can sign his name and he only trusts but so many people to read something for him.

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