• No not weird at all I think that id so hot that you have a wife that will play like that mine will sometime and it is a very big turn on. Good job and good luck
  • I would love it if my wife would do that kind of thing !!!! I would also like to take her to the adult video store and let others watch her play with herself or me. Both of those senarios would be a real turn-on for me, but she would never do it !!! You are one lucky guy !!! PeeNut
  • I also got the same turn-on if other guys peep at my wife's pussy or boobs.
  • I think it's a really really hot idea. I am very proud of my wife, so showing her off is great. She won't do it in public, but I have almost 10,000 pictures of her I show off as much as possible, and love it when I know guys are turned on by them, and if they masturbate to those pictures.
  • I wouldn't say it's weird. I used to get turned on by my ex girlfriend flashing her breasts. We used to order pizza and if the delivery person was a guy, she'd answer the door in a shirt that showed the bottoms of her breasts and nipples. It turned us both on very much.
  • I am not perfectly comfortable with it yet, but my wife has taken to wearing very revealing tops when we go out. However, as she has an amazing rack, I do enjoy looking at her and it gets my motor going.
  • I feel the same way
  • No not weird. I had a b/f that got really turned on when I was exposed. I wear lots of skirts and I've had my fair share (plus) of upskirts... when the've happened in front of him he got totally turned on.
  • My wife has a perfect pussy, we keep it completly bald and the only tan line she has is from her thong. I luv it when she flashes a little (ok a lot). We have posted many pictures of her hot body on the internet and some of the responces from guys and girls all over the world a great. So if you like to hear guys tell you what they would like to do with her, post a few shots.
  • my fiance likes to have me watch her dance with other guys at bars/clubs. she always comes home with me, but she like to give the other guys a show. we'll dance for a while, then she'll bring me to a table and excuse herself to the bathroom. there she'll remove her panties, walk back to the table, hand them to me, and have me sit there at the table and watch her dance and try to get as many free drinks as possible. sometimes she has to show more skin to get what she wants.
    • Sean Stag
      you are a lucky guy
  • I think every guy (almost) likes to know his woman is desired by others. I know I do.
  • My husband loves it when we go out beaver shooting,,I usually accidently show my panties when I get out of the car or restaurant seat
  • women do have such fantasies.of course it is all 'accidental'. but when she has a man hub by her side she intentionally lifts opens right upto vulva,with other guys around to se and make passes,and YOU get turned on by all the drama, it is you who have to get counseling. weird needs a shrink.
  • Trust me, you're not the only guy getting turned on by her, I can't even count how many times, I've been felt up and even fingered by guys on the dance floor with my B/F watching, and getting really stiff and ready for me, for after we go home. A couple of time he's even had to "Defend my honor" at clubs because of me. I love doing it though, by the time we leave to go home, I'm so fucking wet and he's so hard that, sometimes, we don't even get all the way home before he nails me.
    • Sean Stag
      wow, you have made me hot !!!
  • My B/F loves to take me to a club, when I go Commando with a short skirt, and a revealing top, to shoot pool. We always seem to get a table and an endless supply of challengers almost immediatly.and I seem to win an awfully lot. The guys don't seem to be able to keep their minds on the game. My B/F gets really turned on watching me entertain the local champs, and nearly everyone else in the house.
  • Wonder who downrated this question, and why? Show yourself!!!
  • there is alot of us guys that get into this type of turn on
  • i never miss a chance to show off my wife's skin when we are in a club or bar. i prefer her to go braless and sometimes without panties too

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