• Blacks tend, in general, to be a devoutly religious group. Conservative Christians usually don't support homosexuality. Also, according to Audre Lorde, a black activist, the black community tends to view homosexuality as a "white man's disease." Consequently, black homosexuals may be viewed as race traitors for adopting the behavior of the oppressor.
  • To blame black people for how they voted is anti- democratic. I’d rather put the blame where it belongs the christian and mormon churches that lied about gay people. The state of California for allowing a civil right to be voted on in the first place and of course gay people for not making a better case. BTW! This was only the first down in the first quarter of the super bowl!
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Don't blame blacks because that's anti-democratic. Blame the Christians instead. That's not anti-democratic.
  • I don't think many view discrimination of race the same as discrimination of sexual orientation, considering race is something that you can't hide...sexual orientation is (if you choose to). I think that if you gave them somethign that would benifit ethnic groups 70% would have voted for it. Also, as I think others said before, alot of blacks belong to a church or religious group. And marriage is more of a church institution, and considering that in Christian (and maybe Muslim, dont know, but quite a few blacks are) religion being gay isn't exactly smiled on...they probably didn't see it as a fair mix. 70% of black folks I know don't care what you do in your bedroom, but the sure won't attend a same-sex marriage or be to crazy about one happening.
  • Part of it has to do with the religious views of black churches and views of homosexuality in the black community. In many ways, homosexuality is more of a stigma among black communities in America than in most white communities. LGBTQ issues are often viewed as "white" issues because those fighting for LGBTQ equality have done a poor job of reaching out to communities in which most people are people of color. Until those standing up for LGBTQ rights start spreading the word among poorer communities and people of color, they're not going to get the support they need.
  • It might show a lack of perspective...well, it does show a lack of perspective...
  • I ain't black but I would of voted for it I just don't think it is right for people of the same sex to be together. now If I offended anyone I appologize it is just my beliefs.
  • It'd be even worse, to think voting your conscience is the wrong thing to do, right? Isn't Democracy, accepting the polling results & going along with the majority vote?
  • I think that every human being has a unique collection of both prejudices and wisdom. . The fact that there might be trends that cluster around those who have similar cultural experiences isn't unusual or unexpected. . I'm white, and from the South, and gay, and I know more than a few people whom I'd call unrepentantly racist. . And some of those racist folks are also gay. Not all, by any means. . But I guess my point is that, unfortunately, there will always be some people who do not generalize from their own experience in trying to understand what other people go through. . It's that unwillingness to see any reflection of themselves in the experiences of those who are different from them in some way that lies at the heart of prejudice. . It's troubling, and unfortunate -- but it's not Black. Just very, very human.
  • Blacks are amongst the most conservative, religious people in society. It's no surprise.
  • Because everyone has someone they hate whether they want to admit it or not.
  • Why not throw another stigmatized group under the bus and pretend that there is a different basis to "that kind" of discrimination!! Very huuman.
  • Blacks faced discrimination because of skin color, a factor beyond their personal choice, and thus not a moral issue. Many people believe that homosexuality is a personal choice and thus a moral question. I do not want to hear the same shit about whether or not it is a choice, I am saying that many people think that. Thus if your stat is true, and I am granting that it is because I don't know, then those black voters believe that it is a matter of choice and they do not approve of the choice, or that the court should not change the centuries old definition of marriage or both.
  • 6-1-2017 I think your idea of "discrimination against another group" is full of shit.
  • They're selfish hypocrites.
  • not sure what to think

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