• UK answer, Yep a single person can adopt, but the authorities MAY prefer a couple.
  • I'm sure you can, I wanted to too a long time ago... but it's preferable to their eyes that it be a couple.
  • I am sure you can, but i hope you find a great guy.
  • each state has their own laws in regards to that. In my state a single or gay person cannot even be a foster parent, little on adopt. They consider them as unable to be fit parents. for some reason. so, it would depend on the state
  • yes single people can might be alittle harder but they can. My mom adopted me and she is single. It was when I was 3 she adopted me so things changed.
  • Yes..especially if you are willing to adopt a child rather than a baby..there are lots of children over the age of 2 waiting to be adopted, but everyone wants a newborn(for which there is a waiting list) The ones that are a little older are shuffled around in foster homes because they arent the cute litte newborns..they will still love you as their mom though..:)

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