• He walked away because you cheap individuals tried to pay it with a stinking banana. Mr Bill
  • It is better to look inside your own life to find some clues. A banana is one of the usual attributes of Ganesha: "Bala Ganapati - The beloved child The elephant-faced child is depicted with four arms and is the color of the rays of the rising sun. He holds a banana, mango, jackfruit and sugarcane in his hands and his favourite sweet, the modaka, in his trunk. " "Bhakti Ganapati - God of devotees Depicted as being of the colour of the full moon of autumn, in his hands a coconut, mango, banana, and a cup of payasam (milk-sweet). " Source and further information:
  • She prayed for a banana
  • may be u belive in lord ganesha a lot... an d u want to worship ur god on daily basis.. i mean that u r expecting something from him

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