• This is strange that nobody came up with an answer or thought for 5 days. I think that when I give my second best, I am not true to myself. And the only one I cannot deceive is myself. In this world of make believe, we often have to choose between the truth and the lie. Many regulations want to put an unnecessary burden on people. Then I make a compromise and I am not true to my own integrity. I do not always give my best in traffic regulations. The biggest danger not being the cause where the regulation was made for, but getting caught and being fined.
  • Because it is a misdemeanor? ;-) Or should that be a missed demeanor? Or a misty meaner?
  • yes. more over the top of a worst one.
  • Love it or leave it, You better gain way You better hit bull's eye, The kid don't play If there was a problem, Yo, I'll solve it Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it!
  • You have to want a lot to get a lot.
  • Because Vanilla says so! 0:53 to be exact :)

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