• If it's the one that I think it is, not much. Most of the newfangled foreclosure assistance programs are manned by badly trained people that ae unprepared for 90% of the scenarios with which they will be confronted. Most homeowners are far better off dealing directly with their mortgage banks. If they give you no satisfaction, you have two choices: win the lottery or start packing. ;-)
  • Find a program you believe in and disregard all the bells and whistles. Get to the guts of the actual reason it exists and then determine if it's something you can really believe in. If the only reason you are signing up in the first place is to get rich quick, then don't even bother. You're wasting your time. Quit jumping on every program that comes along and find a legitimate one that you have done your homework on and can devote all your attention to for at least one year, minimum. Persistence and focus should be your key points. This gives you name recognition as well as brands you as someone who is serious.
  • Garbage.

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